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Hi, my name is karen I run a small business with my husband trading at dog shows all around the uk. We have a wide range of stock and if we dont stock it we will get it for you. Our website is currently under-construction but here is a short list of products that we stock:

Dog collars- a range of sizes and made with different fabrics

Dog leads- we stock over 20 different types of rope, fleece and fabric leads

Fleece raggers- made with soft fleece fabric and lots of different colours

Training aids- such as clickers, whistles, target sticks

Dog treats- lots of fresh bones and also a wide range of packets of treats

Dog bedding- fleece bedding, vet bedding, padded cushions

Agility training equiment- weave poles, training jumpes, cones and poles

Obedience traing equipment- dumbells mad off wood, nylon or steel, sendaway markers, scent cloths

Camping equipment- fencing, posts and gates for the fencing also tent pegs and reflective sheeting

If you are interested in any of these products or would like to know which shows we are attending
then please email or give us a call.

Thanks Karen and Jeff lunn

All sorts 4 dogs


Contact: Karen Lunn

Phone: 0115 8408057

Mobile: 07718677913

Email: | All Sorts 4 Dogs | 4 Church Road, Bestwood Village, Nottingham, Nottinghamshire, NG6 8TN
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